Frequently Asked Client Questions

What's the definition of No cure No pay?

If your debtor doesn't pay anything during the extrajudicial procedure, we won't charge you any debt collection fees. Ask us for the conditions, please contact us to receive our document 'Debt collection - Method and Pricing 2011'. 

What is an extrajudicial procedure?

All Debt Collection activities undertaken, without a court intervention.

I am a consumer, can Justice support me?

Yes, we also provide our services to consumers. Please do notice that for international claim collection, your proof of claim does need to be sufficient in order for us to successfully claim your collection. Are you in doubt? Please contact us for a personal advice.

I'm a foreign company/institution with a Dutch debtor. What do I need to do?

First of all it's important to determine whether your agreement has taken place under the laws of your country of residence, or if it falls under Dutch law. Often it can be said that is the actual service/work took place on Dutch territory, Dutch law would be applicable. However, this can differ from case to case. Please contact us for a free intake advice.

In the largest part of claims we work on for client abroad, we will be able to handle the entire process for you. Whether it is an extrajudicual or a court procedure.

How do I know what happens to my case and files?

Every new debt collectio assignment we receive, will be confirmed to you. After this moment, you will have 24/7 access to you online file, allowing you to keep track of every step of your case. This secured web application has been specially developed for company and confidential information. All your current and closed cases will be directly available, usage of this service is free of any charge.

Here, you can (e.g.) check on the action we took, notes of phone contacts, correspondence, agreements made with your debtor, other notes, received amounts, etcetera.

When do I receive my money?

Normally we send a weekly payment to you from our third party bank account. If you place a request with us or a substantial amount is incolved, we will be able to send the payment to you the same day. You will then receive your funds as fast as banking systems allow it. If your debtor pays in installments, we will make intermediate payments to you.

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