Frequently Asked Client Questions

How much time does an extrajudicual procedure take?

Justice will deliver every possible effort to collect your debt as soon as possible. Sometimes this is achieved within a couple of days, sometimes this process takes up a much longer time. Since every case is somewhat unique, we can't provide a general answer to this question. You are however, always welcome to contact us and discuss your case. Based on our experience we will be able to provide you with an indication of your chances and a timeframe pretty quickly.

How will Justice handle personal information of both myself and my debtor?

  • Justice is legally bound to keep all private information confidential. Yours, as well as that of our client
  • Justice will see to it that information is never made public nor given to third parties for whatever purpuse; with the exception of cases where the law would oblige us to.
  • Of course we will remain bound by this confidentiality, even when we have closed your case.

From the moment your case is closed, we will keep you files in our office for the duration of one year. After this period, a specialized and certified company will obliterate all information.

What is expected from me during an extrajudicial procedure?

As soon as you send us your claim, you won't have to worry about it yourself. Justice will take the burden from you and deliver every possible effort to collect your debt. Of course it can occur that we would need some additional information, in which case we will contact you. Undisputed claims can normally be collected without any further information. Does your debtor contact you directly during the debt collection procedure? Then we advice you to request them to contact us. Of course it is also important that you notify us if you receive a direct payment from your debtor.

Many Debt Collection Agencies and lawyers ask for different compensation. What does Justice charge me?

Justice believes we earn a compensation based on results, these however, need to be reasonable. All our fees are therefore either based on the Terms and Conditions of our clients, or based on the Dutch national guideline 'Rapport Voorwerk II' which standardizes compensation for Debt Collection Agencies in The Netherlands.

Does Justice work subscription-based?

No. Justice doesn't offer subscriptions or other long-term contracts. You can register yourself with Justice for free, even for a single case. Upon registration, you are never bound by any form of exclusivity, we simply like to see you back based on results.

Will you also collect my administration fees and lost interest?

Yes. If we collect your entire claim, you will receive the principal amount, interest and administration fees.

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