Sell your claim and collect directly

In a default debt collection procedure, you will receive your payment as soon as a debtor has paid on our third party bank account. However there are no guarantees about any debtors payment.

If you don't want to wait for the debt collection procedure to unfold and you want to have direct access to the funds this claim would provide, you can think about selling your claim. Justice will then pay you an agreed amount, after which we will legally purchase the claim from you and will try to collect it ourselves. Of course it need not be said that we will respect your relation with your client as much as in any situation, we work in adherence to all laws and regulations and apply high ethical standards in all action we take. Our first priority is to uphold your reputation.

Our process

We treat your claim to act in accordance with the law and regulations.

Watch the process

Step 1: Send us your claim(s)

Bring your claim(s) to our attention by filling in our online form.

Step 2: Our evaluation & conclusion

After evaluation your claim(s), there are three possible outcomes:

  1. We'll make you an offer for the purchase amount for which we want to buy your claim(s).
  2. We will contact you because we have some open questions about the claim(s).
  3. We won't make you an offer because we believe there are virtually no chances to collect the claim. We reserve all rights to do so without sharing our considerations. Of course we will discard all information provided by you upon doing so.

Step 3: The agreement & payment

If you accept our offer we will create mutually sign an agreement. You will receive your payment one business day after we received your written approval.

Step 4: Stay up-to-date

Of course you will be able to keep track of our attempt to collect the claim. You will have 24/7 secured online access to all your files.

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