This Privacy Statement informs you on how your personal information on the Justice website is dealt with.

Passively shared information
When you are browsing the internet you share, possibly without being aware of this, specific information with the administrators of webpages. This could be e.g. your IP-number, your operating system and the internet browser you are using. To the degree Justice would use any of this data; this will at all times be done anonymously and aggregated. 

A method often used on web pages, in order to fine-tune the display to user preferences, is the usage of so called ‘cookies’. These are small text files that are automatically places on the webpage visitors’ computer upon visiting the webpage. The Justice website also uses these cookies.

Third party information
Some references on this website lead to information sources that are monitored by third parties an on which Justice has no influence. Therefore, this Privacy Statement does not apply on the references of information sources of third parties.

Actively shared information 
Several pages on this website may ask you for information for a specific goal. This can consist of personal information, such as your name and address. On these pages, we specifically inform you about the purpose for which the information is used. Justice will never share this information with third parties and only uses this information for the purpose you have shared it with us.

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