Frequently Asked Client Questions

How can I make use of your debt collection services?

Register yourself online with Justice, free of charge and long-term commitment. The only thing you need to do is fill out our registration form. You will then be informed by email about the further procedure and not be exclusively bound by Justice.

Do I have to worry about international law?

No, upon accepting your debt collection we will perform a check to determine if your case will have merit in the Dutch court system. You will therefore have a conclusive answer before we start working for you.

If you have any questions or doubts if Dutch law could provide for your case, please contact us for a personal advice.

I'ld like to be adviced before I send my claim(s) to you, is this possible?

Of course. You can always call us for a free intake advice. We will help you scan you chances for a successful debt collection. During office hours (GMT+1) you can reach us at +31(0)10-4148755. You can also send us your question digitally, after which we will contact you within one business day.

I want you to collect my debt. What information do I need to send you?

To offer Justice optimized chances in collecting your debt, we request you to send us - if applicable and available - the following data:

  1. A copy of your Terms & Conditions (first time only)
  2. Copy of the contract with your client;
    • If there is no signed agreement, additional information that shows how the claim has originated
  3. Invoice(s) or other documents that clearly mention the size of the claim;
  4. E-mail correspondence or other correspondence;
  5. Phone and/or mobile number, email address and other debtor contact information.

You can send us this information at Of course you can also send this by fax at +31(0)10-4047378 or send it by mail.

How does Justice work on my claim?

We will deliver every possible effort to collect your debt as soon as possible, preferably without a court intervention. Justice will take all necessary and usual action on your behalf. Your original claim will be increased with the lost interest and where possible, the debt collection fees.

Justice can take appropriate measures to correspond with your debtor, contact them and make arrangements about payments. A professional and correct approach to your clients takes a central role in this part of our work. You can profit from our extensive network both in The Netherlands as abroad. Of course we will take specific wishes and your financial interest into account. All information that is considered confidential will of course be dealt with accordingly.

Who pays the debt collection fees?

It is our goal to make your debtor pay your principle amount, administration fees, interest and debt collection fees. After all, they have made it come this far. Our pricing structure is created to be clear and transparent. To receive a copy of our document 'Debt Collection - Approach and Pricing 2011', you can always contact us

From a legal point of view, your debtor is obliged to pay the debt collection fees. Either determined in your Terms & Conditions, in absence of which by Dutch law. Only in the case where your debtor doesn't pay the debt collection fees and you do not wish to proceed with a debt collection procedure, these costs will have to be paid by yourself. Dutch law determined that if your client pays a part of your claim, the principle amount is the last portion to be paid. This means that if a remainder of your principle amount would be left unpaid, there's always the option of taking the case to court to secure the remaining sum.

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