Frequently Asked Client Questions

What is a third party bank account?

Your funds have to be strictly seperated from our own Justice funds. In order to do this, all your funds will be received by the 'Foundation for Third Party funds Justice'. Allowing for a fully seperated cash flow. This seperate bank account allows for daily transfers of collected amounts to our clients, of course you will always receive a separate financial statement which clarifies all costs and benefits.

Does Justice work with Terms & Conditions?

Yes. Our price list 'Debt Collection - Approach and Pricing 2011' is applicable onall our work, as well as our Terms & Conditions which are deposited with the Dutch chambre of commerce. You can download these Terms& Conditions on our website

Can Justice also represent me in court procedures?

Yes. If our extrajudicial debt collection procedure did not lead to any or sufficient results, you will receive a proposal from Justice to take the case to court. Justice can represent you in this court procedure, while you always stay in charge of the process. Please read more about court procedures here.

Which costs are involved with a court procedure?

The No cure No pay concept doesn't apply to court procedures. We will proceed in these matters on your account and costs. The costs of a court procedure up to the verdict mainly consist out of legal costs such as bailiff fees, court fees and our fees. Of course we will always strive to win these costs back in the final verdict of the court.

It is however possible - as a result of our smart cost structure - to take small cases to court. If your debtor doesn't respect the verdict after being convicted, other additional costs to enforce the verdict will also take place at their account. Read more about court procedures for a full explanation.

Is it possible to have no financial risk at all in a court procedure?

Yes, this is possible in two ways:

  • We won't charge you any costs in a court procedure. This usually means we will charge an extra fee over the final results if these are favorable
  • You can sell your debt to Justice, please read more on our 'Debt Purchase' page.

I don't want to wait until the case unfolds and want/need my funds directly. How can I do this?

You can sell your claims to Justice. There is no limitation in the number of claims and total amounts applicable. Justice can act quickly, the entire procedure from evaluation to actual sale and payment can be dealt with within one week. Please read more about this on our 'Debt Purchase' page.

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