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Justice has collected a vast amount of information since 1989, both in judicial as extrajudicial debt collection procedures.

We are increasingly involved with more than collecting our clients' claims, by representing the interests of clients involved in judicial and extrajudicial cases. We are able to make a solid judgement and deliver constructive advice.

Some practical examples:

  • I'm involved in a dispute concerning a claim. What can I do best?
  • I didn't pay an invoice and am now facing very high costs. Is this legal and what can I do?
  • I am disputing a claim and believe I don't have to pay at all. What can I do best?
  • I have received a subpoena for a financial claim. Can Justice support me?
  • How can Justice advice me regarding my credit mangement? 

If you are already party to a pending case in which Justice is involved, we can not help you on this moment. Of course we can only support one party in the same case. In all other cases, please have yourself informed on how to save time and money with the advice Justice can deliver.

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