No Cure, No Pay

In our workflow, we usually commence with a non-legal collection procedure. A credit report and a further search regarding your debtor is part of this procedure. We do no charge you for these costs, because in most cases this information results to better and more efficient debt collection procedures. By sending letters and phone calls (occasionally visiting a debtor), we enable a debtor to pay a debt without going to court. Within 14 working days we aim full settlement. If a debtor is not able do to pay the whole amount, we aim an agreement about a payment scheme. If we do not reach one of these goals, you receive our proposal for taking legal actions. We never start legal actions without your permission. This means that we want your power of attorney to go to court.

Non-legal collection

In this procedure we work on basis No Cure No Pay. Our fee for this services are charged purely on a success basis, applicable to the effectively collected debt amount, therefore incentivizing a favorable end-result. Our efforts are focused on collecting the principal amount + the interest + the debt collection costs. After full settlement you receive 100% of the principal amount. This means that our costs are paid by your debtor.In contrast to most other debt collection parties you also receive the interest.

If your debtor pays less than the principal amount and you do not want us to start further legal actions, our fee will ne charged to you. Our fee is to be calculated, based on the amount that has been paid after your case has been registerd in our CRM sytem.

Are succes fee on debtors living or established in the Netherlands (special condition: this fee also applies to disputed claims!):
 Over the first € 2.500,00 :15% with a minimum of € 40,00
 Over the excess up to € 6.500,00 :10%
 Over the excess up to € 15.000,00 : 8%
 Over the excess up to € 65.000,00 : 5%
 Over the excess up to : 3%
Example 1: Collected amount: € 10.000,00 > Fee: € 1.055,00 excl. 21% VAT
Example 2: Collected amount: € 40.000,00 > Fee: € 2.705,00 excl. 21% VAT

Court procedure

If your debtor have been negligent in the (full) payment of the total amount we are collecting on your behalf, we might advise you to consider securing your claim through a court procedure. Although the No cure No pay concept doesn't apply to court procedures, we are able to keep these costs limited.

You want Justice for your claim in the Netherlands? Proceed with the next 2 steps.

Step 1

Create your account on our website. You may also click directly on ‘create account’. Justice does not offer subscription or other long-term agreements.

Step 2

To offer Justice optimized chances in collecting your debt, we request you to send us - if applicable and available - the following info:
 A copy of your Terms & Conditions.
 Copy of the contract with your client.
 If there is no signed agreement, additional information that shows how the claim has originated.
 Invoice(s) or other documents that clearly mention the size of the claim.
 E-mail correspondence or other correspondence.
 Phone and/or mobile number, email address and other debtor contact information.

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